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Conference Format
ALOIS*2005 will be organised for participant interaction. All accepted papers will be given at least 30 minutes each for presentation and discussion. Some papers of special interest may be selected as target papers. These papers will get appointed discussants who will write and present commentary papers.

Author Instructions for Accepted Papers

1.       Manuscripts should be written in English. Authors are encouraged to obtain assistance in the editing of their papers for correct spelling and use of English grammar.

2.       All manuscripts should follow the formats described by the MS Word template file “” and the PDF file “ALOIS2005 Format Example.pdf”, as outlined below.

3.       Manuscripts should be on one side of paper in single spacing.

4.       Pages should be numbered.

5.       Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in MS Word format, together with a revision table detailing the reviewers' comments and your response, to no later than 19 Feb 2005. .

6.       At the head of each paper there should be an abstract of not more than 200 words. This should be self-contained and understandable by the general reader outside the context of the full paper.

7.       Figures which contain only textual rather than diagrammatic information should be designated Tables. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text. All figures and tables should have a caption; figure captions below the figure and table captions above the table.

8.       Sections and subsections should be numbered accordingly.

9.       Footnotes should be used sparingly.

10.   Mathematical expressions and Greek or other symbols should be written clearly with ample spacing.

11.   References in the text are indicated by author's name and year of publication in parentheses. If a referenced paper has three or more authors the reference should always appear as the first author followed by et al. The references are listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript. Journal titles should not be abbreviated.

ÅGERFALK PJ and ERIKSSON O (2004) Action-oriented conceptual modelling. European Journal of Information Systems 13(1), 80–92.

FITZGERALD B, RUSSO NL and STOLTERMAN E (2002) Information systems development: Methods in action. McGraw-Hill, Berkshire, UK.

Contributed volume
BANNON L (1991) From human factors to human actors: The role of psychology and human-computer interaction studies in system design. In Design at work: Cooperative design of computer systems (GREENBAUM J and KYNG M, Eds), pp. 25–44, Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, NJ, USA.

Conference Paper
DIETZ JLG (2004) Towards a LAP-based information paradigm. In Proceedings of the 9th international working conference on the language-action perspective on communication modelling (AAKHUS M and LIND M, Eds), pp. 59–76, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, USA.

Unpublished reports/theses
CIOLFI L (2004) Situating "place" in interaction design: Enhancing the user experience in interactive environments. PhD Thesis, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Limerick, Ireland.

On-line proceedings will be freely available prior to the conference and printed proceedings distributed to participants at the conference (copyright remains with authors).

 A selection of revised best papers will be fast-tracked to a forthcoming special issue of the European Journal of Information Systems dedicated to Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems (guest editors: Ågerfalk PJ, Bannon L, Fitzgerald B and Goldkuhl G). See for further details.

 A number of papers will also be considered for publication in Systems, Signs & Actions – An International Journal on Communication, Information Technology and Work,


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